How To Deal With Court-Ordered Visitation Not Being Allowed


Divorce can be very hard to deal with, especially when you have kids that are taken away from you. However, it becomes even worse when your former spouse is not letting you see your kids according to the court ordered visitation schedule. Here are some things you can do to help you deal with it. Don't Be Frustrated Around Your Kids It is normal to feel frustrated when you cannot see your kids.

30 April 2018

5 Reasons it's a Good Idea to Hire a Divorce Attorney


Choosing to go through with a divorce can be scary and stressful. While it's not a fun topic or process to go through, in some cases it's the best choice for couples to move on with their lives. If you're thinking about filing for a divorce or if you have questions about the process, it really pays to have an expert on your side. This is why it's best to hire a divorce attorney right away.

27 February 2018

5 Things Dads Should Do When Pursuing Custody


If you're heavily involved in your children's lives, going through a separation can feel like a double whammy. Many fathers have concerns about how the separation will affect the time they have with their kids and decide to pursue custody. Before the decisions are made and papers are signed, here are five things all dads should do when seeking visitation or custody.    1. Find an attorney that will fight for you.

6 September 2017

3 Tips When Going Through A Divorce


Getting a divorce can be stressful but necessary if you and your spouse truly no longer see eye to eye. There are a lot of reasons for getting divorced, but you'll need to understand some steps related to the type of divorce to file in your state, the steps to hiring a divorce lawyer and some coping strategies for making it through this difficult period of time. When you apply all of these strategies, you'll be in great hands moving on with the rest of your life.

2 May 2017

8 Red Flags Of An Internet Affair


A cheating spouse doesn't even need to leave their office chair to carry on an affair. Using the internet to meet, chat, and exchange photos make it easier than ever before to have illicit relationships outside of marriage. Even though these dalliances often start out innocently enough, the relationship can quickly progress to more if both parties are willing. To learn more about the 8 red flags to watch out for with your spouse, read on.

19 July 2016

5 Essential Tasks To Complete Before Divorce


You never wanted the love and passion you had for your spouse to disappear. Unfortunately, it has, and the end of the marriage arrived. If you're preparing to file for a divorce, there are several essential tasks you must check off your list first. Here are five things you must do before your divorce: 1. Consult with a divorce lawyer The absolute first thing you must do is consult with a divorce attorney in your area.

14 April 2016

4 Mistakes To Avoid With A Divorce


Although you have the idea that you will stay with your spouse forever on your wedding day, it does not always happen that way. Whether it is due to infidelity or financial problems, divorce can definitely be a stressful ordeal. However, if you panic and do not manage your anxiety, you could make some major mistakes. Here are four mistakes you need to avoid with a divorce: Dividing Assets Before Creating an Inventory

5 January 2016